About the Artist

Joey, BIO pic
Joey Henson is one of the original pioneers of bouldering around Boone, NC, since he attended ASU in the late eighties, before crash pads and V-scale ratings. Occasionally mentioned in climbing books and mags, he most recently received recognition from "Urban Climber" magazine for the FA of the third best boulder problem in AMERICA, at one of his original stomping grounds, Blowing Rock Boulders.

Joey still fills the shoes of local hardman, remaining as psyched as ever to find the next great boulder field. Beyond climbing extensively in the Southeast, he has spent many seasons in world-class climbing destinations from Squamish, BC, Bishop and Yosemite, CA, Hueco Tanks El Paso, TX, Flagstaff, AZ, and currently the Pacific Northwest.

Rightfully dubbed "lil abner" by climbing lengend John Sherman in the book "Stone Crusade," Joey prefers the simple things in life, and leads a very humble existence. Joey has been drawing since highschool, and most recently has loved sketching vistas and boulder fields.

Spending seven seasons developing Linville Gorge Boulders, his latest sketch of the gorge is truly a labor of love, and history in the making. Check out LVM's "Summer Ascents '08", and Mike Stam's movementonstone.blogspot.com to get more information on Linville Gorge bouldering.

-Lisa Hummel


Joey in Leavenworth, WA Fall 2011